About Us

"GOT YOUR SIX" means "I've got your back." This saying originated during World War 1 when fighter pilots referenced a pilots rear as the six (6) o'clock position. Thus anyone behind you is "at your six." Ever since then, "GOT YOUR SIX" has become an ever-present term that is utilized to highlight the loyalty and cooperation found within the military, tactical support, fire and law enforcement communities. 


At GOT YOUR SIX TACTICAL SUPPLY - that saying is what our whole company is based upon and revolves around. We are here to help protect YOUR SIX by insuring that you and your family have all of the necessary gear and supplies that might be needed to protect yourselves against all threats both foreign and domestic. We want you to know that someone cares and has your back. 


We exist to assist and equip our Law Enforcement officers, first responders, hunters, gun/recreational enthusiasts, tactical response team/operators, EMT and Fire Department personnel, current and ex-military personnel, and last, but definitely not least - the average Joe and/or Mary that are searching for the best home defense gear available to them. We back the blue, the red, the green, the camo, the orange, the black and the blue & white collar worker.


GOT YOUR SIX TACTICAL SUPPLY is a division of Neal Weaponry LLC. This business was founded upon the principles of providing unparalleled customer service, and the best products available at the lowest price that we can afford. We do all of this because we were once you - the customer. We know what's it like to search for the right gear to outfit ourselves with. We know how it feels to not receive the quality assistance and the knowledge required to make the right choice when it comes to building a quality AR-15 platform weapon.


Whether you're wanting to acquire an AR-15 upper, an extremely durable and cost efficient optic/laser/aiming system for your weapon or you're just looking for the right knife to carry on your side, in your pocket and/or purse - WE'VE GOT YOUR SIX!


Throughout his varied career, Brian Neal has worked in the tactical firearm and archery industry, among other things. Over the years, Brian has been involved in tactical response team training, trained with a PMC group as a contractor, was involved in mixed martial arts, and is an extremely proficient long range shooter. He's also an avid hunter and fisherman that has taken over 300 big game animals with a rifle, pistol, and bow and arrow. He loves to bow fish (shoot fish with a bow and arrow) and did that competively in national and international tournaments for many years. Over the years, Brian has also worked as a professional musician/singer/songwriter and recorded seven albums within the Hard Rock & Contemporary Christian music genres.