Custom Painted Magwell Masks


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Custom Mask
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Custom Painted Masks

Would you like to truly customize your AR-15 lower, enhance it's performance, give it character, and a one of a kind personality all of it's own? This is the ticket. Let us custom paint one of the (4) four masks that we have available to match the color scheme of your AR-15 rifle, AR pistol, or SBR.

(This mask does require one of the magwell systems that we sell/made by FAB Defense.)

The mask choices are: The Havoc Skull, Spartan Helmet, Punisher Skull, and the Knights Helmet.

(Make your purchase order and we will contact you for the color scheme and look that you want it to have and get it started for you. Check out the photos below for some examples of past work.) Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

(This package is for (1) one custom painted mask insert only)(Pick your mask in the drop down menu.)

Magwell is NOT included. (This is for someone that already has one of our Magwell systems on their AR-15.)

(Check out the photos and note - the guns are not included. Unfortunately, yes we have to mention this.)